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 The Rift: I'm proud

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PostSubject: The Rift: I'm proud   Tue Oct 05, 2010 9:36 am

Hi all

Thank you all for the fun in the Rift, Saturday the 2nd October. Not only did we kill 5 bosses (which I didn't expect), but I also got a chance to talk to a few people I have never spoken to before.

We have once before managed to get us-self killed by Barz, but this time we managed to kill him fairly easy. It might have been because we were all on skype and had a bit knowledge about what was going to happen. This continued to Narnulubat, where we decided to disband due to lack of people.

I actually just want to tell you all that I'm proud of what we did that night and I hope that we will continue to do things like this, even though the rewards are not what are tempting us. Hopefully we will all get enough experience to get a team going for Helegrod (12-man) or Rift (12-man) when they both are being scaled to lvl 65.

I know that I'm not in GOTN, but still hoping that we can do such things, since I really like to play with some of you guys.

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PostSubject: very much fun   Thu Oct 14, 2010 1:12 am

Yeah that was amazing teamplay we had there and have had afterwards in moria aswell.
We had a great run i forges without skype, though i wished we had it going then, cause it would have been more smooth and rly kicked the morale high after such a nice run. Anyway we are getting a hang off it and im very happy to z that we are all getting back together again. What a Face
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The Rift: I'm proud
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