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 Guardians Of The North history

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PostSubject: Guardians Of The North history   Wed Feb 10, 2010 11:00 am

History of the Guardians Of The North (GOTN).

Since the day two friends entered Middle Earth and their deeds started
affecting the area around Archet, the thought of founding a kinship was
born. To begin with there only was the idea but this idea kept growing
and growing until the day these two friends started their first

How to name a Kinship? This question troubled them for a long time. The
name had to represent them, the name had to represent their heritage, it
had to sound dignified.
Heritage was the keyword for the right approach to the name, both
friends were born in Rohan and brought up in the tradition and values of
the Rohirrim.
Rohirrim descended from the Northmen whose origins are difficult to pick.
The Eothéod, a nation of Northmen, brought by their chieftain Frumgar to
the northern reaches of the River Anduin. The Men of the Èothéod were
the ancestors of the Rohirrim, in the time of Eorl the Young, they rode
south to the aid of Gondor, and were granted the wide green land of
Calenardhon (later known as Rohan) as reward.
On this background and to honour and protect their traditional values,
the name Guardians Of The North was born.

But this was not yet the birth of the Kinship. Shortly after finding a
suitable name, the ways of these two friends split. While one of them
remained in Middle Earth to keep an eye on the so far mastered areas,the
other one left Middle earth temporarily to mind some other business.
Some while later, when the remaining friend lost hope to see his friend
in Middle Earth again, he picked up the idea again of founding a
kinship. He gathered his companions and proposed the founding of a
Kinship. To his fortune everyone was very excited about creating
something new, and shortly after the 'Guardians Of The North' were
founded and had their very first line-up.

- Svartskaegg
- Imrihen
- Alhilion (later known as Hilaladan)
- Siandra (fallen in action)

On their very first day, the Guardians Of The North, started looking for
more companions and soon:

- Rudyard
- Gloumur

joined in to complete the six-pack.

Soon it became obvious that this group of people was very focused on
helping, socialising and enjoying Middle Earth itself.
By the time The Guardians Of The North started growing a bit and got
held back due to the fact of not having a lot of people, regular kinship
events were introduced. These had the purpose to be able to help
everyone with their difficult tasks and still giving everyone the
freedom to work on their own tasks without the pressure of having to
leave everything for helping someone in troubles. During this time
of preparation for the regular events some new people joined the ranks of
Guardians of the North

- Andrion (fallen in action)
- Ethirel
- Andfrith
- Dallos (fallen in action)
- Aradian

Never having the claim of becoming a big kinship, the Guardians Of The
North, focused on forming a good spirit and trust between the members
and to emphasize this union the idea of a kinship's uniform was born.
By the time some different types of uniform were looked at and tested,
the lost friend.

- Eorlcyning

found his way back to Middle Earth and joined the Guardians Of The North.

With some regular players, a uniform and regular kinship events, the
kinship started making its way through Middle Earth. Everything seemed
to be working fine, but soon problems appeared. Due to the fact that
everyone was progressing at a different speed it became more and more
difficult to fill a full fellowship with people in the right level range.
By that time the Guardians Of The North started looking for a partner
kinship, a kinship of similar size and with similar problems to join forces.

Blades Of Anarion, a medium sized kinship was the first try for a
partnership. Due to the fact that neither of the kinships had any
experience in handling a partnership from a matter of organisation and
communication, the whole undertaking was meant to be doomed and it broke
up a few weeks after the partnership agreement and the Guardians Of The
North stood there on their own once again.

It seemed to be destiny when a couple of weeks after the partnership
with the Blades Of Anarion, the Guardians Of The North were introduced
to Tirnen Ned Ennorath, a kinship of similar size and with a very
similar philosophy.

Learning from earlier mistakes and solving some of the essential
problems like organisation and communication, a partnership got set up
soon which seemed to work out very well. Based on the knowledge of a
reliable back ground the Guardians Of The North now could be much more
selective in recruiting which led to a healthy strengthening of its line-up.

- Eckhard
- Freystein
- Kapla (fallen in action)
- Ambley (fallen in action)
- Rainthir
- Floin
- Frekenja

Having gone through many ups and downs at the end both kinships stood
together and fought for the same purpose, until the fight to protect
Lothlorien started taking place. Tirnen Ned Ennorath got scattered all
over the place in battle. Some of their former members found refuge
among the Guardians Of The North.

- Darfindel (fallen in real life - Rest In Peace old friend)
- Sull
- Barx

The battles around Lothlorien also became a very difficult time for the
Guardians Of The North, the spirits got low and many members seemed to
be distracted and lost their moral and their focus. It appears ironic
but the tragic death of Darfindel went thought the kinships ranks like a
shock and brought the kinship back together.

By the time the Elfs of Lothlorien started their assault against
Mirkwood and Dol Guldur, the Guardians Of The North were on their way
back and ready to take on the new challenges. A small group of former
members of Tirnen Ned Ennorath found their way back to Middle Earth...

- Mortengran
- Rondros
- Saluin

...and joined the Guardians Of The North. With new strength the kinship
stands strong and slowly is finding its way through Middle-Earth.

To be continued...
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Guardians Of The North history
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