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 Code Of Conduct

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PostSubject: Code Of Conduct   Wed Feb 10, 2010 11:03 am

The purpose of these rules is not to restrict or keep people away from what they want to do nor do we want to take influence of any heritage or religious philosophies. These rules are supposed to to be a guideline to prevent misunderstandings and a bad reflection on the kinship itself. So please read these rules carefully.

1. Please be aware of that the way you behave very easily reflects on the whole kinship you belong to.

2. Saying hello when you log in and saying bye when you log off showes your interest in the kinship and it also does when you are playing in a fellowship. It doesn't cost anything to be friendly.

3. Considering that in chatting, you don't see your opposite, it is important to show any acknowledgement when you are adressed in a chat. It also is important to emphasize jokes or funny remarks with an appropriate emote.

4. Silly remarks and stupid answers to questions are not helping at all so dont feel ashamed of saying 'I dont know' since, even in science, this is considered a totally valid and compleltly apppropriate answer. With statements like "...because you smell", "...that you can ask" or anything like that, you only upset people.

5. Ninjaing (rolling need on everything, regardless if you need it or not) is not accepted, not in Pick-up groups nor in this kinship. We have decided that 'need' is for class items, crafting items, heritage runes and relic settings only, for the rest, please roll 'greed' or 'pass'.

6. Please do not spam any chat as long as you are part of this kinship.

The numbers do not represent any priority of the rules. They all are equally important.
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Code Of Conduct
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